2021 Annual Report

September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021

Message from the Vice-president

Dear colleagues,

As Vice-president of ASBA, I have the great opportunity to wear many hats in my role including that of Chair of our various committees. This work is highly rewarding as I’m able to learn and grow each day through this vital work in support of our members.

This year, we completed a great deal of work on key items including school re-entry, the draft Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum, government legislation and municipal elections support for new and returning trustees. The varied needs of our membership were reflected in all that we do—at the direction of our Board of Directors—by the Advocacy Committee; the Policy Development Advisory Committee (PDAC); the Audit and Risk Management Committee; and, the Superintendent Evaluation and Contractual Obligation (SECO) Committee.

Trina Boymook

These committees are comprised of dedicated trustees who bring essential perspectives from across the urban, metro and rural divisions of our province. Together, we accomplish work that is substantial and impactful, for the benefit of all members.

While the 2020-2021 annual report provides a detailed update on the momentous work of ASBA’s committee activities, I would like to share a few highlights with you here.

The Advocacy Committee continued to play an integral role in executing priorities and action items tasked by the Board of Directors, as well as advancing approved position statements. In February 2021, the Committee hosted the Association’s first Advocacy Leadership Academy, providing an opportunity to offer members a new event to focus on the essential topics of advocacy and leadership. Additionally, the PDAC continued to serve ASBA members through ensuring the fulsome realization of the position statement process, ongoing review of Association Bylaws and governance policies, and the proposal of Bylaw amendments at the 2020 Fall General Meeting and the 2021 Spring General Meeting. Further, a new ad-hoc committee—SECO—was struck after identifying a need for greater learning resources for new and established Board Chairs.

Each of these committees bring extensive expertise and accomplish meaningful, targeted work to provide proactive support and resources and to respond to emergent issues for the benefit of all members. Through the hard work of these committees, the Association continues to set itself apart by the level of responsiveness and engagement we are able to provide. It has been a privilege to be a part of this great work.

Although this is my final term as your Vice-president, I will continue to follow this work and appreciate the support and resources we have been able to provide to members.

I know that, as an association, ASBA will continue to share information, discuss priorities and collaborate on solutions to ensure the success of all students across the province.

Trina Boymook

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