2021 Annual Report

September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021

Fiscal Responsibility

ASBA’s continued initiative to reduce costs to attend ASBA events for members in years following fiscal surpluses has been maintained during 2020-2021.

Following a surplus in 2019-2020, the Association provided ASBA members with a reduction of $100/board for the Annual General Meetings. Additionally, The Winter Leadership Academy was offered at no cost to our members.

The 2021-2022 budget was approved during the 2021 SGM with a 0% increase to membership fees, following a 3% decrease to membership fees in 2019-2020 and a 50% registration fee decrease for all in-person held events.

ASBA’s continued efforts to find further cost savings are evidenced through accessing new grants and sponsorships, continuing the action research pilot project for zone bookkeeping and improving financial transparency for our members through our performance metrics dashboard.


Membership fee decrease


Approximate increase in cashflow

Net Surplus in 2020-2021

Event registration
reduced to


$ 0
COVID-19 subsidies

Operational highlights


  • Increased virtual meetings led to lower travel related expenses
  • Increased accessibility to virtual meetings for members
  • Approximate reduction of travel costs of 60%

General event expenditures:

  • More efficient processes leading to decreased travel, meals, and accommodation costs for general meetings
  • Approximate reduction of expenditures for virtual Fall General Meeting of 84%

Revenue Highlights:

Membership Fees:

  • Membership fees for members offered at 3% discount
  • Continued ability to provide high quality levels of services to members at a discounted cost

Registration revenue:

  • Fall General Meeting and Spring General Meeting offered at discount of $100/board
  • Advocacy Leadership Academy offered at no cost
  • Continued ability to provide professional development and initiatives for members at significant discounts

Sponsorship revenue:

  • ASBA made new partners in 2020-2021 which led to new sponsorship revenue
  • Approximately 150% increase in sponsorship revenue

Grant and subsidy revenue:

  • Total number of four grant and subsidy sources accessed
  • Launch of grant research department

Career postings revenue:

  • Expansion of revenue generating category in 2020-2021
  • Approximately 19% increase in career postings revenue from job postings on our website
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